SPOTLIGHT | Show a little love for the planet with ‘Heart Parts’, the new and stylish on-the-go utensil kit

Let’s face it, there is never a solid arguement for single-use cutlery. Not only are they harmful to the environment – but they are also quite trashy (literally). A tool or a utensil should elevate an experience.

That’s why we’re currently obsessed with Heart Parts, the sleekly designed and stylish on-the-go utensil kit that seeks to eliminate the harmful effects of single-use disposable cutlery.

The Metal Heart Cutlery Kit is meant to be shared when separated, acting as a knife, a spoon and a fork.  You can purchase it as an entire kit, with the addition of a metal straw and an organic selvedge denim wallet designed by Korra.

Heart Parts are part of the Carbon Collection by SOMMWHERE AMONGST THE RABBLE, which features a series of products that are consciously designed to reduce our carbon footprints.

The design work for the Metal Heart Parts has even been featured in shows at the Colette, the Brooklyn Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, and MOMA Stores in New York and Tokyo.

Get involved and become part of the change. Watch the full story here:


Buy your Metal Heart Part here: SOMMWHERE AMONGST THE RABBLE

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Ahmed Elmi


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