Self care | Gut health and yoga workshop | Review

Self care? We’re there.

Did you know, your gut health is intrinsically linked to your energy levels, mood swings and even your mental health? With a ton of experts referring to the gut as the ‘second brain’, we jumped at the chance to get our geek on at a Gut Health and Emotional Wealth workshop hosted in Bristol last month.

How the workshop worked

Held at beautiful Wild Wolfs yoga and fitness studio in the town centre, the workshop consisted of two complementary parts: soothing yoga flow and nutritional therapy. Alongside open-minded guests and a selection of tasty treats, we loved these few hours of pure self care.

The yin and yang of gut health: Lizzy and Angela

Learn about the ladies who’ve teamed up to make it all happen.

Lizzy Edwards, London-based Yoga Teacher

Since practicing with Lizzy at Karuna Life’s Autumn Retreat last year, we can’t get enough of her vinyasa flows that leave us feeling fuzzy and yoga-stoned for hours.

Lizzy’s no stranger to the health problems that often come hand-in-hand with anxiety, noticing how in the past, her tummy would react with inflammation and swelling during stressful times. She learnt that through yoga and meditation she could reduce these symptoms, and is now passionate about sharing the tools and tips that helped her with as many people as she can.

At the workshop, Lizzy led a guided meditation then an hour’s vinyasa flow focusing on gentle twists and back bends that nourished the gut. During savasana (everyone’s favourite part!) it was pouring with rain outside, while inside Wild Wolf’s enchanting space we felt extra cosy.

Angela Fryer, Bristol-based Healthy Living Pharmacist & Registered Nutritional Therapist

As Lizzy’s partner in crime (and… gut health), during her half of the workshop Angela shared in-depth advice on how to recognise gut imbalance, improve gut health, balance moods and support energy levels. The whole shebang!

Her warm and practical approach had the whole room busily taking notes while asking  question after question throughout. We came away with such a wealth of knowledge including recipe ideas and supplement suggestions – we don’t know how she packed so much into one workshop!

For a handful of gut health tips to start you off, check out her functional foods page or follow her on Instagram.

Upcoming workshops

We loved hopping on the train from Paddington to Bristol for this workshop – because, any excuse for a weekend break. But if you’re looking for something a bit closer to home (aka London), Lizzy and Angela are coming to a studio near you to during their third workshop on May 11th. So whether you’re wanting to learn more about gut health, are a keen yogi or are after some ways to deal with the stresses city life can bring, head to Lizzy’s Instagram to keep an eye on ticket release.

See you on May 11th?

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