Fluctuations | Head to Emma Charlton’s Hackney installation

This summer I was lucky enough to spend yoga festival, Exhale, with some very inspirational people – one being Hackney based visual artist Emma Charlton.

While putting the world to rights from our yurt, I was interested to hear more about Emma’s art and especially excited to hear of her upcoming solo exhibition – ‘Fluctuations‘.

This will be Emma’s 6th exhibition displaying her unique work, and her third series to be exhibited at Stour Space, Hackney. Expect a combination of live visuals and art performance, mixing sound photography and contemporary paintings for a full sensory experience.

Emma says; ‘This work interprets an unseen energy, one that comes from a source that we are all connected to, which has been alive and with me all the time but one I have only recently become conscious of. This show is a visual expression of presence’.

So if you fancy doing something creative with your Thursday night, head to Stour Space, Hackney from 7.30pm on 1st November to check out Emma’s exciting work.

Lucy K. Turner

Lifestyle Editor

Lucy specialises in brand copywriting, and has worked with the likes of Virgin Media, Mercedes-Benz, Moet & Chandon and easyJet. She has a penchant for anything or anywhere a little quirky, and is always on the hunt for undiscovered brunch, coffee and cocktail spots. Find her on Instagram at @lucykturner, or for a chat use: lucykturner@gmail.com.