Sarah Kendall: One-Seventeen | Comedy Review

Last week, Sarah Kendall called her audience the c-word then told us about a hamster with organ failure. We may have just discovered our new favourite comic.

Until now, award-winning comic Sarah Kendall was relatively unknown to us – but after watching her perform her smash-hit Edinburgh Fringe show at Soho Theatre, we’ve absolutely no idea how.

Her show is called ‘One-Seventeen’. It’s an eclectic mix of connected short stories: a family in crisis waiting to see Halley’s Comet and an astronaut re-entering the atmosphere, to recall a couple. It’s about a number, and all the people contained inside it – perfectly connected like the neatest of jigsaws through a bunch of heartwarming stories that brought a tear to our eye.

So expertly, Sarah combines comedy and tragedy in equal measure – it’s what made the show so powerful – and memorable – for us. And it’s totally unsurprising that Sarah Kendall has been a total Fringe sellout the past few years.

Sarah’s London stint was just the start of her undertaking a whirlwind tour of the country – on 12 dates, so why not take a trip out of the city to catch her in NorwichCoventryYorkRichmondBradfordBirminghamBrightonCanterburyReadingColchesterSwindon or Winchester?

(We’d travel pretty far just to hear the hamster story again.)


Photo credit: Rosalind Furlong

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