JT Leroy explained in new film

One of the most sensational and mysterious icons of the recent literary age, JT Leroy’s story isn’t at all as it seems. The new documentary, ‘Author: JT Leroy‘, tells the story of the elusive character from a transgender teen prostitute to a 40 year-old female writer.

Prior to 2006, the world delighted in JT Leroy’s prose and the plight of a disenfranchised teen with an unfortunate mother. Fans lauded the novels Sarah and The Heart is Deceitful Above Things as a heart-warming, tantalising autobiographical tomes.

Then everything changed when it was discovered that ‘JT Leroy’ was, in fact, the creation of 40 year-old writer Laura Albert.  The documentary depicts the astonishing brilliance of how she was able to be ‘JT Leroy’ for over a decade.


Author: JT Leroy is @ ICA

Ahmed Elmi


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