Trending looks for men this summer

It can be difficult to keep up with the big, wide world of fashion these days. New trends are coming and going before you’ve even had the chance to sport it, and the seasons are changing before you’ve even got to grips with the last one. If, however, you’re desperate to look your best this summer, look no further. The SS17 trends are in, and they’re better than ever. What’s more, they’re easy to pick up and combine with all sorts of styles. Here are five essential trendy looks for men this summer.


Yep – camo is back, and with a vengeance. Whether you sport a camo T-shirt with a pair of jeans or invest in some good camo beach wear, the trick is not to go overboard. Don’t wear head to toe camouflage, ever. Just don’t do it. Camouflage can be overpowering, but in small doses, it looks fantastic.

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Stand-Out Sunglasses

In the cold, dreary and dull UK, we all know that when summer comes around, the shades come out too. Forget your Ray Bans that are years old, though; it’s time to go shopping for some new ones to act as an accent to your outfit. Think coloured lenses, quirky patterns. No summer outfit’s ever complete without a pair of good sunglasses.  

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Patterned Shirts

Ideal for when you’re on holiday, patterned shirts are no longer considered to be a fashion disaster thanks to the likes of Harry Styles. There’s all sorts of patterned shirts on the high street to suit all sorts of tastes and preferences. Whether you choose to sport it on the beach or on a night out, the summer is the perfect time for a good patterned shirt.

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Citrusy Shades

Zesty, citrusy shades are big in the SS17 collection, and what better time than summer to wear a bit of colour? Think yellows, light greens, oranges – they’re underrated in men’s fashion, but these shades can actually be incredibly flattering. Team a bright shirt or t-shirt with a low-key pair of jeans or shorts to really make the colour pop.

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Baseball Caps

Just like camouflage, baseball caps have been gradually making their return to fashion, and they’re more popular than ever. Not only do baseball caps look great and go with almost any outfit, but they’re also practical when it’s scorching hot outside. Opt for a baseball cap in a neutral shade like grey, black or white, to ensure you’ll be able to wear it with whatever you wish.

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